Gecko Pendant Light

Lightning Design Focus: Gecko Pendant Light

A Good Lightning design example, the Gecko is a creative Pendant Light design. Gecko was designed in 2009, and here is a how it is described by its designer: The Gecko lamp changes color in and out: Each pack contains 3 plates giving 6 color combinat <Cropped>

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Reception Center:affluent & Fluent by Wen-Ho Tseng

Wen-Ho Tseng Discloses The Affluent & Fluent Reception Center

Wen-Ho Tseng, the designer of the award winning design Affluent & Fluent by Wen-Ho Tseng illustrates, The whole design expresses one thing, " Simplicity, but marvel ", without other redundant designs. With the best presentation along wi <Cropped>

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Laptop Computer by Experience Design Group, Lenovo

Experience Design Group, Lenovo Designs The Miix 630 Rossion Laptop Computer

Experience Design Group, Lenovo, the maker of the awarded design laptop computer by Experience Design Group, Lenovo points out, The Lenovo Miix 630 is an ARM-based 2-in-1 laptop. It is an ultra slim detachable notebook with detachable keyboard cover <Cropped>

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Opposites in Unity by Firo Wang-Siince2020 Design Team

Firo Wang-Siince2020 Design Team Demonstrates The Opposites in Unity Candleholder and Vases

Firo Wang - Siince2020 Design Team, the author of the awarded work Award Winning Opposites In Unity candleholder and vases points out, With the joy of a child, the designer looked through a metal pipe as if it was a single-tube telescope. This act le <Cropped>

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Loading Machine by Yong Zhang

Yong Zhang Shows The Intelligent Loading Machine Loading Machine

Yong Zhang, the lead designer of the awarded design Loading Machine by Yong Zhang points out, It replaces the Container turnover machine and simplifies the container loading procedure. It uses telescopic conveyor belt to transport materials. It can l <Cropped>

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Aid Team, Onur Onrat's Cosmos Sbs Refrigerator

Aid Team, Onur Onrat Portrays The Cosmos Sbs Refrigerator

AID Team, Onur Onrat, the lead designer of the award winning design COSMOS by AID Team, Onur Onrat explicates, The beautiful exterior is backed up inside with a large storage capacity to keep all your favourite food and food preservation technology t <Cropped>

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Curio Shelf:weave Curio Shelf by Jo Zhu-Suyab Design

Jo Zhu-Suyab Design Portrays The Weave Curio Shelf Curio Shelf

Jo Zhu - Suyab Design, the author of the highlighted design Award Winning Weave Curio Shelf Curio Shelf spells out, The Weave brings softened warp and weft weaving structure into a furniture. Such structure enables visual permeability when the furni <Cropped>

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Design Excellence Awards 2020

The Design Excellence Awards 2020 Is An Interior Design Competition Organised by The Interior Design Confederation of Singapore That Offers Cash Prizes, Keynote Speaking Engagements and Publicity For Winners With Media Partners Like Home & Decor, Houz

The design excellence awards 2020 is an interior design competition organised by the interior design confederation of singapore that offers cash prizes, keynote speaking engagements and publicity for winners with media partners like home & decor, <Cropped>

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Log Holder:woody 1 by Kilian O'sullivan

Kilian O'sullivan Spotlights The Woody 1 Log Holder

Kilian O'Sullivan, the author of the awarded project Kilian O'Sullivan's Woody 1 Log Holder demonstrates, The Minimalist clarity and lightness of these log holders is bought to the problem of stacking of firewood in the home . Their ey <Cropped>

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Partition Screen by Principal Designer Amee Vora

Principal Designer Amee Vora Creates The Partition Screen Partition Screen

Principal Designer Amee Vora, the thinktank behind the displayed design Partition Screen by Principal Designer Amee Vora demonstrates, This art of spiritual expression draws inspiration from the Kadamba tree. The chairoschuro created by the chang <Cropped>

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