Flow Line by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Creates The Flow Line Office Building

Kris Lin, the creator of the award winning design FLOW LINE by Kris Lin illustrates, The space on site is irregular and curve due to exterior wall of the building. Hence the designer applies the concept of flow lines in this case with the hope to cre <Cropped>

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Award Winning Pomo Sideboard

Florian Gross Shares The Pomo Sideboard

Florian Gross, the author of the awarded design Sideboard by Florian Gross explains, Pomo is a contemporary design sideboard inspired in the conceptual design movement. Characterized by a visual game to hide and show the door knobs and drawers from a <Cropped>

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Tocco Wine-Packaging by Marco D'aroma

Marco D'aroma Reveals The Tocco Wine Packaging

Marco D'Aroma, the creator of the highlighted project Marco D'Aroma's Tocco Wine Packaging says, Brand restyling and graphic project of the new labels for the Tocco wines. A newly-done project boasting a strong visual effect, which ref <Cropped>

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Fitness Club:fangyuan Fitness Club by Wang Baodong

Wang Baodong Presents The Fangyuan Fitness Club Fitness Club

Wang Baodong, the thinktank behind the displayed work Wang Baodong's Fangyuan Fitness Club Fitness club demonstrates, "Fangyuan fitness club" is a place of movement, a place of emotional communication, and a place where the team can pl <Cropped>

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Award Winning Cocobruni Corporate Identity

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Cocobruni Corporate Identity

The thinktank behind the award winning project Cocobruni - Corporate Identity by Acclaimed Designer explicates, In most of the existing coffee brands, symbols are shaped by coffee beans and accessories. In order to differentiate itself from existing <Cropped>

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Gund Visual Identity System Design-Rebrand by Cynda Media Lab

Cynda Media Lab Spotlights The Gund Visual Identity System Design Rebrand

Cynda Media Lab, the designer of the awarded work Rebrand by Cynda Media Lab points out, GUND was known in the industry as the first teddy bear manufacturer in the US to truly capture emotion and facial expression in their product shots of plush toys <Cropped>

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Chapel by Atsuhiko Sugiyama

Atsuhiko Sugiyama Portrays The The Warehouse Chapel

Atsuhiko Sugiyama, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Chapel by Atsuhiko Sugiyama spells out, No matter how much generations and cities change, the red brick warehouse at the harbor remains to be the symbol of Yokohama. Therefore, this <Cropped>

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Allison-Kindle Living by Arturo Fis

Arturo Fis Portrays The Allison-Kindle Living Patio Heater and Lamp

Arturo Fis, the creator of the awarded work Arturo Fis's Allison - Kindle Living Patio Heater and Lamp explicates, Allison has transformed the unattractive, long outdated, approach of outdoor heating and given it a sense of beauty and elegance n <Cropped>

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A Call For Entries For The Advanced Design Research Competition

Acknowledging Design Excellence in Design Research, Research Papers, Research Posters, Research Findings and More

The history of the human race has been one of constant advancement, of technological breakthroughs, everything from the wheel onwards, each changing how we live and work and making some tasks easier and others unnecessary. Today this is as true as it <Cropped>

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Stems Ct 03-Coffee Table by Jeffrey a Day

Jeffrey a Day Designs The Stems Ct 03 Coffee Table

Jeffrey A Day, the creative mind behind the awarded design Jeffrey A Day's Stems CT 03 coffee table explicates, Stems_CT_03 is inspired by stems, leaves and seed pods that hang from trees. The structural tubing or “stems” act as the foundati <Cropped>

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