Hyemi Song's Solar System Data Driven Audiovisual Design

Hyemi Song Shows The Solar System Data Driven Audiovisual Design

Hyemi Song, the maker of the award winning design Hyemi Song's Solar System Data Driven AudioVisual Design spells out, Solar System is a data driven music which is made of a sidereal period data of eight planets in the Solar System. This projec <Cropped>

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Anaptár 2019 London by Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz

Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz Reveals The Anaptár 2019 London Lunar Calendar

Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz, the project leader of the highlighted project Lunar Calendar by Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz points out, This Anaptár calendar, visualising the data of the Sun and the Moon in a novel fashion, offers far more inform <Cropped>

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Stool:tangram by Kris Lin

Kris Lin Presents The Tangram Stool

Kris Lin, the maker of the displayed design stool:Tangram by Kris Lin illustrates, Tangeam consists of 5 different shapes. These pieces can be put together to form triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, and irregular polygon. For individual use, <Cropped>

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Trestles by Osmose Le Bois Sas

Osmose Le Bois Sas Shows The Librans Trestles

Osmose Le Bois Sas, the author of the award winning design Award Winning Librans Trestles explicates, The pair of trestles Librans by Osmose le bois is a slender object that emphasizes a table top thanks to its graphic legs. Functional, it allows to <Cropped>

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Award Winning Smart Consulting Fully Responsive Webdesign

Joana Júdice Discloses The Smart Consulting Fully Responsive Webdesign

Joana Júdice, the author of the award winning project Award Winning Smart Consulting Fully responsive webdesign spells out, The main goal of this website was to create a SMART design to simplify and communicate the brand in a different level. It wa <Cropped>

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Retail Pop-Up by Coordination Asia

Coordination Asia Portrays The Nike Studio Beijing Retail Pop-Up

Coordination Asia, the architect of the awarded design Retail Pop-up:Nike Studio Beijing by Coordination Asia points out, Nike requested a pop-up space that embodied infinity and empowerment while promoting their new collections and Nike+ Run Club. <Cropped>

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Coffee-Table by Oliver Bals

Oliver Bals Demonstrates The Papillon Coffee-Table

Oliver Bals, the designer of the highlighted work PAPILLON by Oliver Bals demonstrates, Papillon is a sculptural, yet functional coffee-table that solves table usage and storage or layout of books and magazines in an easy and elegant way. A single, f <Cropped>

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Iv International Contest of Theatrical Poster

Contest Has 2 Stages: 1. Internet-Anyone Can Put Poster to Site. 2. Final Stage. Artists' Jury Select 70 Posters and Make a Final Exibition. Two Team of Jury: Artists' Jury and Theatre Critics Jury. Artists' Jury Select 3 Winners and Theat

Contest has 2 stages: 1. internet -anyone can put poster to site. 2. final stage. artists' jury select 70 posters and make a final exibition. two team of jury: artists' jury and theatre critics jury. artists' jury select 3 winners and <Cropped>

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Visual Identity For a Bakery:les Toques Du Pain by Les Bons Faiseurs

Les Bons Faiseurs Portrays The Les Toques Du Pain Visual Identity For a Bakery

Les Bons Faiseurs, the creator of the highlighted project Les Bons Faiseurs's Les Toques du Pain Visual Identity for a bakery spells out, «Les Toques du Pain» is a bakery run by passionate bakers, mad about bread and obsessed by bread. The bak <Cropped>

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Beijing One Majesty by Kot Ge-Lsd Casa

Kot Ge-Lsd Casa Exhibits The Beijing One Majesty Sales Center

Kot Ge - LSD Casa, the project leader of the award winning project Sales Center by Kot Ge - LSD Casa points out, The designer imagine: if there is no cultural fault or Western worship, what will the Chinese aesthetics be in this day? Based on this as <Cropped>

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